a history of
dominican music
in the united states

Educational Resources

This section includes educational profiles designed to provide teachers and educators with pedagogical resources to create lesson plans. Each profile has: 1. Educational Profile; 2. Discussion Questions; 3. Activities; and 4. Vocabulary

  • Eduardo Brito

  • Born Eleuterio Aragonez, Dominican opera singer, Eduardo Brito, was born on February 21, 1906 in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic to Julián Álvarez Brito and Gloria Liboria Aragonez. 

    Raised by his …

  • Proyecto Uno

  • Proyecto Uno is an internationally-recognized merengue house group that emerged in New York City’s Lower East Side at the end of the 1980s. Founded by U.S.-raised Dominicans Nelson Zapata and Rick …

  • The Malagon Sisters

  • The Malagon Sisters were a successful Dominican all-female trio that emerged publically in 1949. The Sisters, known for their exuberant song and dance performances, captured the attention of an American …

  • Monica Boyar

  • Cabaret singer and actress Monica Boyar was born Argentina Mercedes María Gonzalez Morel Valerio Urea in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic on December 20, 1920. She died on October …