Ricardo Rico and his Orchestra, ca. 1960s / Credit: CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Archives; Julio Cesar Rodriguez Collection

A History of Dominican Music in the U.S. is the first open-source digital tool narrating the history of Dominican music as it developed during the past century in the United States. By presenting multi-media resources, grounded in historical contexts and speaking to larger issues of immigration, identity, and diversity, this online platform provides a new approach to understanding Dominican music.


A narrative documenting the trajectory of Dominican music in the U.S. from the 1910s to 2010.

educational resources

A set of educational profiles designed to provide teachers and educators with pedagogical resources to create lesson plans.

genre guide

Describes the theoretical and historical aspects of key Dominican musical types.


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interactive map

Historical and contemporary locations relevant to the development of Dominican music in the U.S.

images from the archive

A collection of ephemera and visual materials, such as photographs, flyers, album covers, newspaper clippings, etc., that highlights Dominican musical history and legacy in the U.S.